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Educational specialists

Filling a Need

J2 Content has a pool of talented educational specialists available to meet your content development needs. Whether you are looking for term of project assistance or supplemental help to get your team through a busy time, our specialists have the expertise and experience to get the job done.

J2 Content specialists average more than ten years of classroom experience and have created content, assessment tools, and curricula for a multitude of courses. They are skilled at adapting instruction to varied grade and ability levels, and our specialists are coached to produce material in your company's house style.

J2 Content specialists stay current with the latest research on how students learn, and the products they create incorporate best practices and conform to state and national standards.

We know how hard it is to find good teachers, and J2 Content is proud to be the home to some of the finest. Let us match our multi-talented professionals to your needs. Our content specialists will function as a member of your organization, and a J2 Content manager will be assigned to your project to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

J2 Content takes pride in being able to contribute to the work you are doing. Let us provide you with the talent to create the highest quality product possible.

Our Commitment

As a client of J2 Content, you enter into a partnership with a company that believes "the ultimate goal is to increase student understanding." We are happy to match our specialists with organizations pursuing that same result. We will work with you to ensure that together we create quality educational products that look and feel like YOUR quality educational products.
The world needs good teachers, and good teachers can be great with J2 Content.